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Another Redhead Against Racism
19th-Dec-2009 08:01 pm
redheads vs racism
The War Games DVD has a little documentary with makeup artist Sylvia James, in which she talks about the yellowface used in The Abominable Snowmen: "I think we used hair lace lifts at the side of the eyes just to pull out a little bit so that they would look as though they were from Nepal or Tibet." And here's a picture:

I think the same trick must have been used for Cho-Je in Planet of the Spiders:

(Ta to DWIA for the screencap.)

It's not convincing (especially nowadays, when we have a pretty good idea of what a Tibetan Buhddist monk looks like), but it is more subtle than Li Hsen Chang's prosthetic forehead - and obviously less restrictive to the actors' expressions!

ETA: I'm pretty sure nothing was done to Michael Gough's face when he played the eponymous Celestial Toymaker. He doesn't put on a cod accent, either. So why does the Toymaker wear a sort of mandarin costume? I'll see if I can find out. (ETA ETA: According to DWM 196: "Since the [Trilogic] game originated in ancient China, it was decided to have the Toymaker himself dressed as a mandarin." Nothing more to it than that!)

OTOH, I think Kevin Stoney has had the hair lace lift treatment for Daleks' Masterplan:

(DWIA again.)
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